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Benefits of Outsourcing Workplace cleaning

Posted on 02/07/2018 12:55


Typically businesses outsource cleaning responsibilities to professional & commercial cleaning services suppliers because they benefit from the switchover. Why do they choose cleaning companies like us to do their daily/regular janitorial and cleaning activities?

6 compelling benefits of outsourcing commercial cleaning services

  1. Improves your focus on core competencies
  2. Better standards when handled by professionals
  3. Better cleanliness ensures greater productivity
  4. Flexible and scalable on demand service
  5. Cost-effective and profitable
  6. Easy to upkeep standards and eco-friendliness 

1. Improves your focus on core competencies 

Outsourcing your cleaning tasks helps you concentrate on your core competencies. When you do not have any cleaning staff on your payroll, you do not have to worry about employee benefits, sick leave and other HR tasks. Rather you can focus your time and energy on improving productivity and marketing your goods and services. You have more time to take important business decisions and out perform your competition by improve production/service efficiency.  

2. Better standards when handled by professionals 

A professional cleaning company generally have better skilled, better experienced and professional staff. Professionals are able to achieve better cleaning results in shorter time spans than unskilled cleaning staff.

Experienced janitors/cleaners have better attention to details which is vital when it comes to corporate cleaning. When it comes to cleaning carpets, windows, washrooms, equipment, furniture, and grounds, specialist cleaners know exactly how to handle each cleaning activity and this does not only yield better results, it also gives the items being cleaned a longer shelf life.

Furthermore, some cleaning tasks are dangerous and need the attention of experts and specialized equipment. Activities like highrise window cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Warehouse cleaning, cleaning an electrical or heavy vehichles must be handled by professionals. Accidents can be avoided by employing the proffesionals.

3.  Better Cleanliness ensures greater productivity

When your office is better cleaned, you have a healthy work environment. Studies prove that healthy and organized workplaces are more productive with lesser accidents and lesser medical leaves in a calendar year. As well as employee benefits, a clean workplace also impresses customers better and they are more likely to deal with you thereby giving you more sales and higher profits. 

4. Flexible and Scalable on demand service 

You can schedule or re-schedule your cleaning job as per your convenience or any upcoming event/activity at your office. You can set up daily, weekly or monthly cleaning contracts to ensure adequate cleaning and to keep operations costs within your control. 

You can set frequencies for different cleaning activities like one parking lot cleaning session a month, two window cleaning sessions a month and daily washroom cleaning contracts. Scaling up the cleaning activity is as easy as making a phone call. If you need spot cleaning or if you need to fulfill some cleanliness standard within a short period, it can be handled effectively.  

5. Cost-effective and profitable 

Outsourcing your janitorial requirements to a commercial cleaning company in the UK will help you save money and is profitable in the long run. e.g You do not have to worry about the HR costs like staff training, salary, employee benefits, sick leaves etc. This saves you money.

6. Easy to upkeep standards and eco-friendliness 

It may not be possible for your in-house cleaning staff to adhere to strict cleaning standards. if required for an inspection or certification. Further, the right knowledge of cleaning materials (chemicals, detergents, equipment) and garbage disposal is also important. A good cleaning company today will follow eco-friendly green cleaning practices. E.g Avoiding harsh chemicals like bleaches, replacing chemical air freshener with natural ones, using indoor air cleaning plants. A cleaning specialist will always do it better than average housekeeping staff. 



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