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Top 10 tips for ground maintenance in winters

Posted on 09/12/2018 18:14

For most of us, winters are not the most exciting time for Ground maintenance and related works. With the arrival of dead cold Nights and dropping temperatures, it is always a better idea to apply some simple measures to help protect your properties from seasonal weather conditions.  According to the Property Care Association (PCA) Authorities, taking simple but timely steps can protect homes against harsh winters can save money and trouble in the future. We list out here 10 useful tips to help you keep your property in best of shape.

# Clear drive and pathways 
During heavy downpours, the surface water must drain out from the ground quickly. Check for any build-up of dry leaves or debris in drive and pathways that may block the passage of water.

# Check for Cracks in sideways and paved areas and seal now
Regular observation of sideways and paved areas are needed to identify any crack- big or small. Water that seeps inside the cracks may get frozen in Winters giving way to damaged Concretes. Any such damage may cost you a fortune later. Also, water penetration can cause deterioration of the formation level of the ground spreading to the place and potholes further.

# Clear gutters and downpipes
Ensure that the gutters and downpipes are clean and free from any debris. During Winters, the dry leaves tend to clog the drains and faucets. This clogging can cause water backup which eventually damages roofs and the trim around. Also, the clogged water can freeze and cause leaks and ice dams. Joints and hoppers should be clear enough to discharge into underground storm-drains or empty into splash blocks that smoothly divert the water away from the property.

# Check exterior faucets and irrigation system installation of frost proof exterior hose-bib faucets and inspecting the non-frost ones to keep them from freezing and breaking down during winters are much-needed measures. A qualified Irrigation Contractor can be appointed to assess the efficiency of the underground irrigation system. This is the best season to get it serviced.

# Care for Garden areas
Winters are the season of dry leaves. Due to extreme cold, most plants go on a dormant mode. Vegetation that thrived during the summers needs to be checked and pruned to stop inflicting water penetration in external walls. This is may later give way to alarming issues like formation of internal moisture. Adding a layer of compost to the existing soil will give better results in forthcoming Summers.

# Look for backyards and pave ways 
Lawn Furniture, toys need to be cleaned and stacked properly to avoid any damage due to icefall. It’s better to mow the Grasses shorter and apply herbicides to the Weeds and aerating the lawn. The dry leaves can be used to mulch plants and trees.

# Check Outdoor appliances 
Check the fences and metals grills. Most metal grills come with weather-resistant coats. Still, it’s a better idea to keep them covered. Door Alarms, Fire Alarms need to be inspected and repaired, if needed. Covering the firepit is also a smart idea to protect it against snow drifts and ice.f

# Check for power backups 
The harsh weather, ice storms, and strong winds often cause long hours of power cuts in the UK. Excessive Snowfall and consequent roadblocks delay the rescue and repair work. It would be better to keep your power backup gadgets ready to help you out in absence of power supply.

# Care for Roofs 
Inspect the Roof and adjacent trip for leaks, cracks or rust spots. Mosses, lichens are the common enemies; hunt for them. Checking the plumbing vent stack is also a good idea.

# Pool care 

If you happen to own a personal house pool, winters are the time when you need to cover them for good. You can start the maintenance activity during Fall itself by adding the correct amount of chlorine to the pool. Experts advise the use of off-season enzyme products to help prevent the waterline rings that can occur during winters.

These are general ground maintenance tips for personal use, for professional ground maintenance services please consult your local cleaning company

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