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Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Effective cleaning is proven to prolong the life of carpet and upholstery, therefore delaying the time between expensive re-fits.

We specialise in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning of high capacity seating venues and mass carpeted areas such as cinemas, theatres, bingo halls, offices and local health authority properties, providing full UK and Ireland coverage.

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Hydramaster truck mounted water extraction cleaning plant for efficient deep cleaning of carpets

Operating from a fleet of modified vehicles fitted with the Hydramaster truck mounted water extraction cleaning plant, this is a self sufficient unit with its own on board power, fresh and waste watertanks. Each vehicle is fully equipped with 200m of vacuum and solution hose, handtools for seat cleaning and the RX20 rotary carpet cleaner.

carpet cleaning The RX20 uses 5 vacuum/spray jet heads, each independently suspended by a flexible spring arm. As the RX20 glides over the carpet, the rotating action of the 5 vacuum parts and 5 sprayjets create 650 cleaning passes each minute.

As the machine sweeps from side to side, the cleaning head rotates twice a second, cleaning each carpet fibre from five different angles. The incredible scrubbing action releases soil while fluffing up and restoring the carpet. The results are astounding, especially on stains or heavily soiled carpet.

Typically a truck mounted system is 20 times more powerful than a portable unit. Unlike a portable unit where the cleaning agent is added to the watertank, the truck mount method is to pre-spray the cleaning agent and rinse out through the solution line therefore leaving no alkaline content in the fibres. This is vitally important because any alkaline left in the fibres becomes a dirt attractor and therefore the results don’t last as long.

We have worked within the cinema industry for over 10 years, one of the most challenging buildings we have tackled is the Cineworld cinema on Renfrew Street in Glasgow, the tallest cinema in the world.

Our carpet cleaning services are available nationwide, contact any of our locations in  BradfordCornwallLincolnYorkLeedsSheffield, Derby etc for professional carpet/rug/upholstery cleaning solutions. Contact us today, to get an audit and a custom quote.

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