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Daily Cleaning UK

The core service upon which Future Cleaning Services was founded, is the provision of complete cleaning service packages.

Site Specific Contract & Office Cleaning

Daily Contract Cleaning services are always operated in compliance with specifications and individual site specific requirements which will always vary, and following discussions with our clients these services form contractual agreements.  

Although the cleaning frequencies implemented may vary from daily service provision to weekly, monthly or even annual deep cleaning work, they will be undertaken on a regular basis. They often include additional cleaning and support tasks to be undertaken in addition to the main core contractual cleaning duties.

For Example:

  • The periodic cleaning in educational buildings during out of term times 
  • The provision of safe and hygienic sanitary disposal service in washrooms
  • Overnight carpet cleans in cinemas or public buildings
  • Specialist strip and seal treatments to floors.

commercial cleaning

Standard package

Our standard package costs are all inclusive with regard to the provision of:​

office cleaning

  • Staff recruitment or TUPE Transfer consultations
  • CRB Disclosure & Barring Service checks where required
  • Induction, Training  and ongoing staff development
  • Contract management and supervision
  • All chemicals, equipment and machinery
  • Uniforms displaying logos & and any required Personal Protective Equipment
  • Identification for all members of cleaning personnel.

Our client base

We deliver cleaning services to a full range of buildings and establishments on varied frequencies. Our public and private sector client base currently includes:

  • Office cleaning & Commercial Buildings
  • Cinemas and Leisure Complexes
  • Car Showrooms
  • Educational establishments including schools, colleges and accommodation halls.
  • Manufacturing Sites 
  • Medical Practices
  • Council Establishments & Public buildings
  • Public Conveniences
  • Libraries
  • Care Homes
  • Bus stops & Shelters

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