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Ship & Boat Cleaning

For over 20 years we have undertaken the cleaning of ships and boats from our offices in the South West. We provide these services nationwide.

We go the extra nautical mile

We have developed ship cleaning into multi type services which have been undertaken over a variety of vessels including Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Navy Vessels, Passenger Ferries, Car Ferries, Tugs and Yachts.

The cleaning duties are very varied and form bespoke packages to meet with specific fleet requirements. The work takes place usually during or following refitting programmes, or as part of a periodic cleaning cycle.

boat cleaning service

The multi type cleaning schedules encompass the following:

  • Standard ship cleaning
  • General boat cleaning
  • Engine room cleans
  • Galley deep cleaning processes
  • Deep clean ships
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning
  • Dining Hall duties on Naval ships
  • Fire Watch duties

The deep cleaning process of ships includes all areas including cabins, mess rooms, all WC areas, the bridge and offices.

Boat cleaning...you'll sea the difference

We have an extended hose feed water system which enables us to reach the boats on a jetty, with no need to remove them out of the water. We have carried out back ground research to ensure adequate equipment and chemicals are being used for this type of work.

boat cleaning company

We offer an antifouling removal service which is vital for the overall performance of your boat. Over a period of year’s antifoul will build-up and become flaky and uneven. This will cause unnecessary drag through the water resulting in a loss of speed and an increase in fuel consumption. We use a blast method to remove all traces of antifouling to leave the surface clean and ready for the application of coatings.

Once all antifoul has been removed we encourage all of our clients to use A-Glaze. A-Glaze is a protective sealant that protects surfaces from common causes of degradation and colour fading (ultra violet light, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, salt, snow and bird lime). The A-Glaze actually bonds to the surface creating a brilliant, high gloss protective barrier, meaning dirt and pollutants can be easily removed. This chemical ensures continuous shine and protects the gel coat.

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