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Passenger Transport Cleaning

We work with passenger transport executives as well as local council organisations and leading transport operators.

Our experience

The services we deliver in these areas have been varied, ranging from the cleaning of stations, depots, and park and ride sites to the actual passenger vehicles. An area where we have developed particularly specialist expertise is working within the cleaning and the maintenance of on-street infrastructure where we work extensively currently managing a fleet of vehicles which deliver the cleaning services to over 12,000 bus stops and over 7,000 shelters across 8 conurbations. In addition the services we deliver include the management of timetable information cases and the change over and posting of crucial information at structured times for exchange each year.

Our growing fleet of vehicles are all fully fitted with an innovative pure water system cleaning system which has been specifically designed for the Future Groups as an adaptation of our reach and wash window cleaning systems. Being a system free from chemicals it is non corrosive and residue free removing the likelihood of streaks and smears which are so often left behind following this type of cleaning. 

This pure water system is proven as one particularly effective for the cleaning of glass and atriums; but in addition polycarbonate, painted metals and alloys and has now created the perfect solution for the cleaning of all types and designs of on-street infrastructure. 

transport cleaning service

The water filtration system and all the required pump systems are also fitted to the vans along with all the appropriate equipment required to deliver safely this type of work.  The requirement for the use of ladders is removed providing the most effective and safe system of work.

This innovative approach we have introduced has proven most successful and created the opportunities to massively increase the levels of productivity previously accepted within this area of work; and in addition provides  higher standards of cleanliness and a cost effective method of working. 

What we do

The duties undertaken within the remit of this type of cleaning includes:

bus cleaning service

  • Cleaning of the glass, all polycarbonates, the framework, panels and timetable cases
  • Exchange & posting of information
  • Sweeping of the floor area
  • Disinfecting of the seats and floor area
  • Removal of weeds, rubbish and graffiti
  • Emptying of bins
  • Removal of glass
  • Provision of sharps collection
  • Complete deep clean processes
  • Call out work within prescribed timescales

Programmes of work

This type of cleaning can only be successful through accurate and cost effective route planning; which is essential for the smooth operations behind this type of work. Extensive research and planning along with considerable investment over recent years has ensured the Future Group have in place all of the necessary support systems for this work to be undertaken and delivered successfully and in compliance with specifications.

Our programmes of work are tailor made to meet with each and every individual client’s contractual requirements and specifications  The Future Group employ  specialist teams who when working in this area of the business delivering these services are trained in all the appropriate areas including NRSWA (New Road Streets Work Act 1991) which means they are qualified to the levels which  ensure the highest possible safety precautions are in place and respected whilst working in traffic. 

Our highly qualified Health and Safety consultancy work with us to ensure that all contracts have in place the necessary in-depth and site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements. These are drawn up, taking into account geographical areas, day to day activities on the streets and all other aspects of the undertaking these tasks.

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